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Christians United in Service to the Community

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Stewardship moves us to do something unexpected and generous as often as we can.


CCEA follows the same schedule as the Cecil County Public Schools. 

If the schools are closed or late so is the CCEA Food Pantry.

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There is always something happening!!

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Thank You from the Food Pantry!

I want to thank everyone for their response to the needs of the Food Pantry.  


Please keep the donations coming.  We now provide food to almost as many clients in a week as we used to provide to a month's worth of clients just 2 years ago.   


Thank you again for responding to our need......

God Bless our donors and volunteers.

As always, anything you can give is gratefully accepted.....

Thanks for supporting the food pantry!

Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association

Redner’s Receipts

The CCEA collects Redner’s receipts. Receipts can be put in the collection basket or dropped off at your church or CCEA office.

Please submit the whole receipt as partial receipts will not be considered. 

Refund from the Redner receipts covers the expenditure for meats purchased by food pantry staff for our clients.  Thank you for your assistance, it is appreciated. 



Holy Week

CCEA Good Friday Service

Friday, March 30, 12-1 PM

St. Augustine Episcopal Church,

Rt. 310 & Mitton Rd., Chesapeake City

Rev. Jim Wolford

Easter Resurrection Celebration!
Sunday, April 01, 2018
6:15 a.m. at Pell Gardens
S. Chesapeake City
Rev. Shane Dickinson

6:15 a.m. at Town Point UMC
61 Port Herman Rd.,
Rev. Jack Shitama 

Arriving a few minutes early for sunrise service is advisable.

Light refreshment after service at both location.

Trinity UMC




Volunteers Needed:

The CCEA holds Vacation Bible School every year for 5 days. This year the date is July 29th – Aug 2nd, time 5-8 pm.
Location: Town Point United Methodist Church, 61 Port Herman Rd, Chesapeake City, MD 21915 (a beautiful venue).

We need assistance with the children that attend VBS. We need Assistant Leaders age 12 - 15 years old and Group Leaders age 16-65.

It is a very rewarding task but we must have sufficient staff to accommodate the number of children that are enrolled.
If you are interested in helping please let me know. 
Register on-line at

Feel free to call or email me.

Eileen S. Viars
Work - 410-885-3244 
CCEA cell - 443-553-4049 
Personal cell 443-350-7044 
Fax 866-922-6674
Email –



National Day of Prayer Service 

 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM, May 3, 2018 

     Hosted by: Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association

     Pell Garden

South Chesapeake City, MD 21915

All are welcomed to attend.

Rain Location: Trinity UMC


Volunteer for next years' VBS July 29 – August 2, 2018

2018 Program - Ship Wrecked

Shipwrecked Ultimate Starter Kit Plus Digital -  Group Easy VBS 2018  -

Register Now for VBS





Prayers Please

Healing Prayer Request for the following:

First Presbyterian Church:

Pastor Richard Watters & Family

Trinity Church:

Linda Stanton

Marlene White - RIP - Prayers for Marlene's Family

St. Basil Church:

John “Jack” Eder

Irene Shestock



Friends of CCEA:

Marilynn Homan

Doris Groff

Alice Hill

Scott Viars

Caleb Family

St. Rose

Frank Vari

The Tierney Family

Joan Delpino


Immaculate Conception

Les Fritz and Family




Beautiful Print for Sale

Benefits the CCEA

History behind the print

Stop by Belle Connell's Emporium


CCEA Board Meeting

 March 27, at 6:30 pm

@ CCEA Complex
All are welcome to attend!!


CCEA will be hosting NARCAN  Training & CPR Certification in
March of 2018. 

Date, Time and Location to be determined based
of the level of interest.  If you are interested please register and you will be kept posted as to the details of this event. 


This story makes it all worthwhile!

His name is Andrew and his best friend is Max. They travel together every day and return to a comfy little home every evening and this is the happy ending to a difficult journey that they have shared.

They started out in a cozy home in Cecilton. Life was good. Andrew worked and Max held down the fort each day. Then the ruptures started in their life path. First the home started failing and while it was the landlord’s responsibility to fix, there was still stress with each breakdown. Andrew found relief in a bottle and Max found relief in his friend’s touch. Then Andrew was home with Max more, missing time on his job. Then the job was gone, the money was gone and Andrew drew deeper into the bottle and Max remained at Andrew’s feet-loving him.

 Andrew missed IMPORTANT appointments like appeals for reinstatement on his job; like appeals for unemployment; like going to court to keep their home. And the world came crashing in-as did the cold, the hunger, the embarrassment and the only possession left—a car became their new world. It was cramped and it was cold and food was far less-but Andrew and Max remained together. Andrew’s appearance and attitude changed, except towards Max. As for Max, he remained Andrew’s anchor, a reason to keep going because Max needed Andrew’s care.

 Max noticed that there were less bottles and cans crowing the car. Andrew needed help getting back on the life road he was intended to travel, but on these matters Max could not help. He could only be the loving anchor and true friend that motivated Andrew to seek help. Andrew was considering placing Max in a place that would find him a new home, but to lose Max would mean losing the motivation that had at least opened Andrew’s eyes to needing something better for both of them.  It grieved Andrew to think he might have to say goodbye to his dear friend Max.

Someone in the “church” recognized Andrew and invited him to get a shower and some warmth. That someone led Andrew to The CCEA. Andrew and Max came thru the doors and met Bill. Bill welcomed Andrew and Max, not with judgment-but with an extended hand, a concerned ear and a welcoming heart. Over the weeks that passed Andrew and Max became a fixture at the building known as “The Complex”. Andrew’s spirits were lifted, Max made lots of new and loving friends and the world started to move beyond the cramped quarters of the cold car sitting on the canal levee.

 Soon Bill was talking about the ruptures that lead them to The CCEA. And soon “the church” was in motion and changes were coming! Bill continued to provide encouragement and guidance and slowly the ruptures were being plugged.  Job leads came in and Bill helped Andrew select a good interview outfit from the CCEA Heavens Helpers clothing closet. A spruced up resume, CDL renewed, a renewed faith in himself and Andrew secured a job. Working for a large, local farm-this job allows Max and Andrew to travel together by day and return to a cozy home each evening. With the help of The CCEA and “the church” the home has been furnished. And Andrew checks in on his “angel” regularly. He worries when storms come thru that Bill is home safely.  GOD gave more than one gift thru this journey.

 For twenty-five years The CCEA has been a resource for those in need. For twenty-five years, stories like this have become a part of the fabric of this organization. “The church” is not the building or the denominations represented within this organization. “The church” is each and every volunteer, supporter, donor and partner who cares enough to keep on giving of their time, money, resources and genuine love for their neighbor.  We are here to serve as the hands and feet of the awesome GOD who has directed our steps. The faces of “the church” change, but the heart remains strong and every now and then we are blessed with a story like Andrew and Max’s—where a hand-up was all that was needed.


The CCEA provides food, clothing and household item free of charge.  We also provide financial assistance but there is no cash on site.  The CCEA provides special funding for needs such as rent and utility payments.  Financial assistance is provided via electronic check to the company providing the service, never directly to our clients.  If we can help you please come in and talk to us. 



The CCEA Wellness Program is alive and well. 

Come check it out.

Our new nurse is amazing. 

Wednesdays from 9-noon, 227 Basil Ave

The CCEA is in need of volunteers: 


If you are interested please call 443 553 4049 or email for more information on the positions. 

A volunteer application is available on-line at

911 Service Intro Video
Thanks to all who helped make this a successful event
Location: Pell Garden Park

 Chesapeake City, MD 21915, USA


Pat’s Pizza in Elkton, MD

224 South Bridge Street, Elkton, MD 

(410) 398 8870

The CCEA can receive 10% refund from Pat’s Pizza in Elkton for items purchased from that location which have not already discounted.

 Restaurant receipt is need as opposed to your credit card receipt. 

Please drop your receipt from Pat’s in your CCEA church collection basket, deliver to the CCEA 227 Basil Ave, Chesapeake City, MD or mail to PO Box 244 Chesapeake City, MD 21915

The CCEA appreciates your support!



Check out Heaven Helpers for new information and items!









The West Cecil Health Center is now booking appointments for dental care of all ages with and without insurance and with MD Medical Assistance. Those without insurance will be assessed on a sliding fee scale for most services. This scale is different from the one used for sliding fee medical care at West Cecil.  Patients can discuss the estimated charges based on their income when they call for an appointment.

The phone number to schedule an appointment is 410-378-9696 and follow the prompts.

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