Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association (CCEA)

Christians United in Service to the Community

Registered 501(c)3


Heaven's Helpers

Donated household items and clothing are collected and

distributed to those in need.

 Items for Sale, to a Needy Home or Urgently Needed

Dear Clients:  If you are in need of items not on the above link, please access the need of items link. 

Dear Donors,

 Although we certainly appreciate your donations of clothing and household goods, items need to be new, gently used and clean.   

We have limited staff and space.  We cannot afford to spend time sorting or filling our storage space on items that need to be thrown out. 


When dropping off items at the Complex after hours, please call 302-563-6360 or 443-553-4049.  Items left out in the weather could be ruined. 

Item looking for a new home!!